Importing maps for use on Astral

How can I bring my own maps to Astral?

Astral has a great collection of assets and premade maps available on the Marketplace (and many included with Supporter subscriptions), but if you want to create or import your own maps, we'll go over this as well as configuration tips.

Importing Your Map

Rather than uploading to the vault from the homepage, you can alternatively upload your map directly to the game you intend to use it on. In your game, open Map Editor. You'll see a sidebar open on the right hand side. This is your Vault Sidebar. 

When uploading to the In-Game Vault Sidebar, all assets and maps will also show in your vault from My Vault. Editing of the name and tags must be done from My Vault.

From the sidebar, click "Upload Assets," then follow the instructions in the pop-up window. Once your map is uploaded, you'll be able to drag it onto the stage.