Vault Home

The Vault Homepage is an overview of your account. It includes recent games played, access to Maps, Characters, tutorial options and available quickstart games.

Account Content Sections

The "Last Played" section will contain the game you visited last, as well as options for creating a new game.

The "Maps" and "Characters" section provide a quick interface for creating a new character. There's also a helpful link to those sections of the Vault for more detailed map/asset/character management.

Learn Astral Section

The "Learn Astral" section provides tutorials for learning how to use Astral. These fully interactive games are available for all community members and are separated by difficulty or required understanding of the Astral platform.

The basic tutorial covers a variety of topics such as basic token movement, camera control, introduction to effects, and basic map editing. We recommend everyone complete the basic tutorial.

The Advanced Tutorial covers a large collection of advanced topics, providing instructions and demonstrations of many different aspects of the Astral Platform. If you'd like to make sure you are able to fully use Astral to it's maximum capability, we highly recommend the Advanced Tutorial.

Quickstart Games Section

The "Quickstart Games" section contains complete game experiences, fully kitted with everyting a GM and the party needs to launch a game instantly.

These games include playable and non-player characters, complete maps with Dynamic Lighting and other effects, handouts, and a full set of instructions for the GM on how to run the campaign on Astral.

These games are meant to provide both a complete playable experience for you and your party, as well as a campaign template that can be used for creating your own campaign. The games were created using only tools available in Astral, so everything within is editable and customizable. Feel free to create your own stories using these games as a boilerplate copy.