Managing Assets

The Imported Assets Folder

My Vault is where you can view and manage your owned content such as assets and maps.

Assets and maps are two different things. Maps can be used directly in a campaign, where as assets are pieces that make up a map.

You can create folders to group similar assets together, creating your own asset packs. This can be useful for separating themes and asset types. Simply create a new folder, then drag assets from Imported Assets into the new folder. These folders will also be available in the Map Editor via the Vault Sidebar on the right-hand side.

Customizing and Managing Imported Assets

An equally important step is editing asset details. While folders provide ease of navigation both in vault and in the Vault Sidebar of the Map Editor, think of the asset details as a form of search optimization. To open the &asset details window, click on the image of any asset. For your own uploaded assets, the window will have additional customization options. You can change the name of the asset, assign tags, and delete the asset to free up space on your account.

Assigning tags to assets, while initially a time investment, really pays off in the long run. If you have a castle arrowslit asset, for example, and it's named "Arrowslit," you'd have to type "arrowslit" in the search bar every time you want to get that specific asset. But wouldn't it be nice if this asset showed up on searches for "Castle" and "Window" as well? That's exactly what tags are for!

When setting up your uploaded assets, take the time to assign some tags to make your life easier later on.   Tags can also be used to mark traits of assets, like "audio" or "animation."