Astral Translation Project

Astral Translators

The Astral team extends their sincere gratitude to everyone volunteering their time to translate Astral TableTop.


Translators are community members who submit translations. Translations can be voted on and suggested. It is up to a Maintainer to approve submitted translations.


  1. Ensure you have an account on the Support Forums
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click Log In in the top right
    1. If you are already logged into the Support Forums, you will be instantly redirected back to the translation site with your associated Astral information
    2. If you are not logged into the Support Forums, you will be asked to login using your Astral credentials. After logging in, you will be redirected to the Support Forums. Please repeat Steps 2-3 to log in to the translation site.
  4. Click the Projects dropdown
  5. Click Browse all projects
  6. Click Astral

You should now see a list of components that can be translated.


  1. Click on any component (e.g. UI)
  2. Click on the language you want to translate (e.g. Spanish)
    1. If the language doesn’t yet exist, you can click “Start New Translation”
  3. Click Translate located towards the top right of the page
  4. Use the fields to submit your translation
    1. Use attached screenshots for language context
  5. Click Save or Suggest to save your translation
    1. A Maintainer will review and approve or decline your translation