Beta Testing Architectural Changes

What you should know

Hello Beta Team!

We've been making some big changes in the background, and we're getting ready for final testing of some major architectural enhancements. This should solve many of the issues involving site performance and stability, as well as making the entire site feel faster and more responsive, as well as pave the way for improved account and asset management, as well as many other important Quality of Life changes.

Because these changes are so major, Astral's beta environment will not be able to easily update Astral's regular production environment with any changes made in beta. This means that functionally, beta and production will not be compatible while we're testing these changes.

What is the risk?

As with all enhancements (but especially so this time), we've put these changes through rigorous internal testing. We expect there will be no major issues. There's some very important information you should know about testing these changes to prevent data loss.

While these changes are being tested, both players and GMs will need to remain in a single environment. You are welcome to choose either the beta ( or production ( environments, but until testing is completed, everyone in your games should remain in either Beta or Production for the duration of the tests.

If you or your players were to run sessions in beta then switch to production (or vice versa) during these tests, data may either not transfer to the other environment properly or may be corrupt and irretreivable.

What needs tested?

Other than beta being faster to respond, you should not notice anything different. We ask that you continue to use the beta site as normal. Uploads, asset lists, changes to maps, characters, asset tags all should behave normally and load faster.

Is there a way to opt out?

As always, you can choose not to take part by using the normal production site. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to us via Discord's Beta channel, or by emailing us at [email protected]