"Your duties as an Infiltrator may seem invasive, but it must be stressed that your presence will not be known. Skill and precision must be used to remain undetected during your trespasses. Once you uplink, you'll see everything through their eyes. Remain unseen. Make note of everything. What they see, what they smell, what they think. Remember that your report must be thorough. The Order expects nothing less than success."

--Excerpt from the Order of Infiltrator's Field Manual

Player View

When setting up a game for players, it's useful to see what you've created from the view of a player to make sure that things are configured properly. Player View shows the campaign map from the perspective of the player.

Using Player View

Select the token you'd like to view as. At the top of your screen, you'll see the Quick Character Menu bar with additional options. Select "Open Player View".

As it sounds, it will indeed open Player View. From here, your GM Sidebar and tools will close and be replaced with the Player UI, something like this: 

While in Player View, any settings applied to your players or objects in the game will apply to you as well. If a trigger is activated by GM only, you won't see it in Player View. 

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