--The insectoid foreman regards you with what might be suspicion, revulsion, or perhaps both. It's difficult to tell on creatures with no facial features. It speaks with a chittering, hissing voice.

"Ah, yes. Another human laborer. Welcome to the hive. I know you softskins are accustomed to your rows, boxes and squares, but that's not how we do things here. You are going to have to get used to the way the Hive works. Honeycombs. Hexagons. This is your life now. Now get to work!"

Hex Grids

While many traditional games use the square grid, a growing number of systems have moved to hexagonal grids. Today we'd like to introduce two variations of the Hex Grid, hereby known as "Flat-Top" and "Pointy Top". The Hex grid will work the same as the square grid with auto-snap and color adjustments, and can be interchanged on-the-fly with square grids or a different hex grid variant.

Table of Contents:

  1. Setting up the Hex Grid
  2. Adjusting Tokens
  3. Things to consider

Setting up the Hex Grid

By default, the Astral Grid will start as a Square Grid. Making the change is easy, and the effects are immediate. Selecting a new grid is done by going into Map Settings from the Map Editor, shown here:

Note that you have two options for Hex Grid. Flat top, and Pointy top. The one you choose will be based on what the system you are playing uses. 

Adjusting Tokens

After changing from a square grid to a hex grid, you'll notice that any tokens that were there previously won't be sitting on the grid properly. Simply pick up any maladjusted tokens and drop them back on the grid.

Things to Consider

  • Grids are map specific, meaning you can have multiple maps with different grids on each in the same game.
  •  Snap-To-Grid always snaps upon placement, so keep that in mind when moving tokens before or after switching grids. 
  • The hex grid defaults to 70px and measures exactly 70px on the longest edge.
    Astral allows assets from a variety of different sources, whether that’s from our marketplace or assets you upload directly. Hex grids are therefore complicated to get right for all asset sizes and we try our best to accommodate.
    For the best experience, use assets that are evenly divisible by your grid size.
  • Dynamic Lighting will snap to the center of a hex tile. This is currently a known limitation of dynamic lighting. It is recommended you place Dynamic Lighting points that extend past your hex grid tiles if you currently use it.

Remember, you can always reach out via Discord, Forums or via email at support@astraltabletop.com!