Managing Health OTF in easy steps

So, you're in the mood to cause a little pain, eh? It sure is satisfying to see health bars of your players drop, the glimmer of hope fade from their eyes... Not saying you're that kind of GM. Of course not. Maybe you are the merciful kind, looking to bestow a little bit of healing on the lot of them. Either way, we got you covered.

Changing token health in combat can be a bit disruptive, so we have a quick-menu set up for OTF edits to health. You can select more than one token for AoE effects. First thing to do is to select the token(s) you wish to edit. To select multiple tokens, left-click and drag over the tokens.

Select the "Heal/Damage HP" button, then input a number you want the HP healed/damaged by. Then, by using the up or down chevrons, you can heal/damage all selected tokens by that number.

To fully kill or fully heal a selection, use the skull or the heart icon, respectively.

That's all there is to it! Remember, you can always reach out on Discord or via the Forums with any questions.