So, you want to take your GM-ing skills to the next level?

--"While there's no real replacement for Theater-of-the-Mind in TTRPGs, there's some tools that can drastically improve your player's immersion and experience. Whether it be setting the mood with the right playlist, decreasing the time it takes to start battle, or simply seeing your remote player's reaction to a plot twist over video, Astral is constantly trying to improve the experience for everyone! All of our add-ons are modular, meaning you can pop them out into a new window or access from your preferred device to exercise complete control like the mastermind you are."

--Lawrence, the Front Desk Flumph

Table of Contents

  1. Live Video Chat
  2. The Audio Player
  3. The Combat Manager
  4. Tabletop Chat

Live Video Chat

When using Astral remotely, some parties would prefer the face-to-face feel of the table.  We've got you covered! Simply click "Live Video" either in the Game Portal or In-Game.

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Live Video isn't showing video!

Live Video is temporarily unavailable due to technical difficulties. 

The Audio Player:

There's nothing like the right music to set the mood, or the right ambiance to bring a bustling town market to life! With the Audio Player you have the tool to do just that.  Whether bought on the Marketplace or uploaded, audio assets can be organized and controlled from this Add-On. 

*Disclaimer - Astral is not responsible to damage to ears due to misuse of the Audio Player, nor are we responsible for your GM's taste in music. Please use responsibly.

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Astral Features: The Audio Player and Dynamic Audio

Why can't I hear audio when accessing the Audio Player outside of a game?

The Combat Manager:

Anything that pulls the GM's focus away from their players during a game has the potential to reduce the player's overall experience. This handy tool is meant to reduce the amount of setup needed to start and keep track of combat during a game. 

**Disclaimer: We are required to state by law that this Combat Manager is a paid actor portrayal of a Combat Manager and is not certified nor recognized by any authority as a Combat Manager. 

Additional settings, such as hiding actors in combat, allow flexibility and a level of Counter-Metagaming for that great plot twist you have in mind where the butler actually did it.


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Astral Features: The Combat Manager

Tabletop Chat

Tabletop Chat has it all! This amazing piece of machinery can not only roll for your character, but can add characters to combat based on initiative, emote as your character, and much more! 

**Disclaimer: No dice were harmed in the making of this Add-On. We are not using evidence to back up this claim, nor has an independent study been done regarding Astral's treatment of dice.

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Tabletop Chat

We're always working on bringing the next best thing for your campaign! 

If you have any suggestions on improvements or features that can help you run or play in any system, for any reason, please shoot us a feature request on the forums! We're listening, and we constantly use feedback to improve Astral for everyone.

As always, happy adventuring!