Astral has different hotkey assignments depending on what tool you are using, your role in the game, etc. Here's a quick reference guide to Astral Hotkeys!

FunctionDescriptionKey AssignmentSite Location
Group Layers 
Groups the selected layers 
Map Editor 
Undo last change 
Map Editor 
Redo last change 
Map Editor 
Add text 
Adds a new text box to the current map 
Map Editor 
Dynamic Lighting Pen 
Use the Pen Tool P 
Map Editor 
Door Tool 
Use the Door Defining Tool 
Map Editor 
Zooms the view in and out 
"+"  /  "-" 
Map Editor / In Game 
Move Camera 
Right click and drag to move camera 
Right mouse button 
Map Editor / In Game 
Maps Tab 
Pull up Maps Tab 
In Game GM only 
Characters Tab 
Pulls up the Characters Tab C 
In Game GM only 
Handouts Tab 
Pulls up the Handouts Tab H
In Game GM only 
Weather/FX Tab 
Pulls up the Weather/FX Tab 
In Game GM only 
Settings Tab 
Pulls up the Settings ab 
In Game GM only 
Edit Map 
Opens Map Editor 
In Game GM only 
Live Chat 
Opens Live Chat 
In Game GM only 
Combat Manager 
Opens Combat Manager 
In Game GM only 
Dice Roller 
Opens Dice Roller 
D In Game GM only 
Audio Player 
Opens Audio Player 
In Game GM only 
Hide Sidebars 
Hides all UI tools 
In Game GM only 
End Session 
Ends the current session 
In Game GM only 
Move Token 
Moves Selected Token 1 grid space 
Arrow keys 
In Game 
Edit Character 
Pulls up the Character Editing window 
In Game Player Only 

We'll try to keep this cheat sheet as up to date as possible, please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments!