First and foremost, welcome to the Astral community! 

We're a bunch of enthusiastic gamers who want an easy to use tool that will enhance their game experience, but we know all too well that getting acclimated to a new tool such as Astral can be a daunting task! Luckily for you, there are resources for you to use to bring up your Astral Mastery.

First and foremost, we recommend you join the conversation on Discord, and to check out our forums. Everyone was new in this community once, whether they were new to RPGs, to VTTs, or to running games, no one started blessed with the knowledge of All Things Tabletop. Ask questions. We're here to help. Just remember to pass it on when the next newbie comes along looking for knowledge! ;)

Another great place to start is our YouTube Channel. We constantly add new videos and content, everything from tutorials to fun facts! There's a lot there to help you along in your Quest for GM Greatness!

You are already in the right place for additional support! Check out our FAQs here, or submit a support ticket. We'll get back to you as soon as possible, often the same day. 

Let's build amazing worlds together, ones that no one else could have possibly imagined without you!