--"Welcome to Dynamic Lighting Training, soldier! Here you'll learn the ins and outs of one of your most powerful Weapons of Mass Immersion, the Dynamic Lighting Pen Tool! We're gonna learn ya something today. So, you've cracked open your DL pen tool, now what do you do with it? Well, I'll show ya."

--Royal Imperial Lieutenant Commander Master Gunnery Sergeant General McDuffy III, Esquire

Dynamic Lighting (DL)

Table of Contents:

  1. Creating a Boundary Around Your Map
  2. Snap-To-Grid and DL
  3. Placing Dynamic Lighting Walls
  4. Creating Separate Dynamic Lighting Sections
  5. Deleting Existing Points and Correcting Mistakes
  6. Creating Doors
  7. Handling DL for Walls and Doors 

Important information before starting!!!

  • The DL Pen Tool will continue to place down dynamic lighting points, connecting the new point to the previous point. To break the chain, you have to click [ESC] once. This will detach the pen tool from the previous chain, allowing you to create a new chain with the next segment.
  • To clear the Pen Tool from your cursor, you must click [ESC] twice. The first breaks the chain, the second clears the pen tool from your cursor.

Creating a Boundary Around Your Map:

Dynamic lighting needs a boundary. To prevent the party from seeing empty grid, place a Dynamic Lighting fence around the area that they will be participating with. Something as simple as a rectangle is all that's required.

Snap-To-Grid and DL

A lot of times, Snap-To-Grid is your friend. Other times, the bane of your existence. Any time you're doing Dynamic Lighting, usually it's the latter. Don't hesitate to switch that bad boy off and zoom in!

Placing Dynamic Lighting Walls

Now you can start using the tool as it's meant to be used! You can throw down some walls by chaining a series of points together. Remember to "close" the wall if you want the entire area to be hidden from all angles!

Creating Separate Dynamic Lighting Sections

You don't always want the entire area to be completely hidden, perhaps there's a window or a vantage point that allows you to see in/over the dynamic lighting wall. In order to create this, you have to break the current segment off of the chain by clicking [ESC] once. Then, start the new chain.  Each time you start a new chain all following points will be chained off the first placed point.

Deleting Existing Points and Correcting Mistakes:

With the cursor cleared, select a DL point. (If your cursor is not clear, hit [ESC] several times)

Select a single point on Dynamic Lighting, then press the [DEL] key. (Backspace also works.) 

Notice that if that point was a part of a chain, the DL point will create a segment with the next available point in the same chain until all available points are gone.

Additionally, you can also grab and move misplaced DL points, for quick OTF fixes. 

After breaking a DL chain, you can resume off of a specific point by selecting the point you want to continue with, then placing more points.

Creating Doors

Maybe you'd like a door in your wall. I mean, doors are handy when you want to enter/leave any structure... Do this using the Door tool. Select a single segment that you want to declare a door.

"And he said BAM! You're a door." 

--Probably no one

Handling DL for Walls and Doors:

This will make a big impact. Having a black box where a wall should be doesn't quite inspire the same feeling of dread as a fully proper dungeon-esque architecture. Make sure your dynamic lighting shows walls on both sides of the line. 

That's it! Now you know everything there is to know. So get out there, build some maps, and make the best darn immersive experience your players have ever, and WILL EVER have! 

Remember, you can always reach out on the Forums or Discord with any questions or comments! You can also use the bug reporting form, or drop us a line at support@astraltabletop.com if there's any problems.

Happy Adventuring!

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