The atmosphere has been set... The party is blindly navigating their way through the labyrinth of Dynamic Lighting walls you've laid out for them. Suspense at every turn! One of the craftier members of the party decides to use their conveniently provided plot assistance item, a cloak of walk-through-dynamic-lighting-walls! As you try to move them through the wall, you, the all powerful GM, cannot break through this magical visual aide! The party laughs at your ineptitude... 

To avoid such bleak futures as this, it's best to know all the ins and outs of the Dynamic Lighting tool. There are several ways to achieve the desired effect. You could temporarily delete that dynamic lighting wall, or turn it into a door to allow the token through for this special occasion, but these require On-The-Fly edits. A simpler way is to force the token to a new position. Simply drag the token from the Characters tab to the spot on the map, and done!

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