So, you've uploaded your sick beats to the Audio Player to subject your helpless players to your lyrical genius... But when you go to hit play on your smartphone, silence! What's happening? Why is it doing this?

Let's start with what the Audio Player actually is.  The Audio Player is the tool that organizes and controls the audio for your games. You can import sound files to your game and set up a Playlist, control the volume, playback options, etc.

So why is it when you open the Audio player from the Portal Screen in a new window or on your phone and press play, no sound is heard?

The answer is simple: The Audio Player controls your In-Game audio. The Player can be popped out to a new window, or pulled up on your phone, but it will still only produce audio in your campaign, not on its own. It will also control the audio for anyone connected to the game, but only on the device with which they are connected to the game.

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