So, you've just got done with a hard day at being a pseudo-responsible human being and eagerly jump on to start crafting your next world! But alas, nothing is showing up when you load up a new game!  What's happening? How do you fix it?

If things aren't showing up on your Map Canvas, whether in a campaign or in the Map Editor, there can be a couple causes. Let's rule out the simplest ones such as WSOD (White Screen of Death) and Browser Compatibility. 

If you are having WSOD, please check the solution for (White Screen of Death). Otherwise, please ensure you are using a compatible browser:

  • Chrome and Firefox need to be updated to the latest version. There's been instances where either of these browsers being out of date causing assets not to load.
  • Unfortunately at this time, we don't support MS Edge or Safari. We're working on a solution there.
  • Other browsers may behave unexpectedly at times, the most reliable browsers are currently Chrome and Firefox.

If only your uploaded assets aren't working, it could be session related.  Often times, clearing your cookies / doing a hard refresh ( [CTRL] + [F5] ) will solve uploaded assets acting like they are continuously processing. 

VPN software occasionally disrupts the site's normal function. Please try disabling VPN software if you are having issues.

If you've already ruled out WSOD, VPN services and browser compatibility and are still having issues getting your map to load assets properly, it may be due to AdBlock software.

There are some things you can try here. 

  1. Whitelist in your AdBlock software. Once this has been done, return to Astral and do a hard refresh.
  2. If the above did not work, and you are sure this isn't WSOD (trust me, you'd know...) then you may need to disable your AdBlock completely. 

Remember, you can always reach out to us with the Bug Reporting tool found at the bottom of your screen around the site. You can also email us at

Happy Adventuring!