Creating and Editing Modules

Once you've created your Astral publisher account, you can get started on your modules right away.

Click on the "New Module" button in the publisher sidebar to get started.


A module has four important parts:

1. Name: The title of the module/adventure

2. Caption: Most modules will use the caption to highlight the game system or setting of the module. (See your Astral homepage for live examples)

3. Card Image: The image to be displayed on the module card on a user's homepage

4. Game: The completed game you have set up on your Astral account

Creating a Module Game

Setting up a game for use as a module on Astral can be as simple or as in-depth as you need. For some examples, you can refer to the Quickstart games on your Astral homepage

Once you have created a game, you can select it from the game dropdown on the New Module page. Once the module is created, you'll see some helpful hints about updating the module. When you save the module, it will create a snapshot of your game and store it separately so that if you accidentally make unwanted changes or delete the game, your module is not affected.

If you made changes to the game and want to update the module, click on the "Update" button shown in the screenshot above and re-select the game from the dropdown. A new snapshot will be created and any new games created from that module will have your changes applied.

Module ID

Once you create your module, a module ID will be generated. (In the screenshot it is censored)

This is the Astral Module ID you will need to list your module on DriveThruRPG (Or other OneBookShelf marketplaces). For steps on how to publish your module on OneBookShelf, please refer to Selling Astral Virtual TableTop Adventures on OneBookShelf