D&D 5E OGL Resources

What is this for?

Contained here is a library of actions for 5E, including the entire 5E SRD Spells list, sorted by level.

These actions are designed to utilize Astral Character's automation when appropriate. They use Stats and other sheet elements found in the D&D 5E Template Character options, so the character must have been created from a template for 5E. When copied from the article, then pasted as an action on your character's Sheet, it will automatically reference the appropriate information to automate the action.

Does this require coding on my part?

Not at all. Simply copy the contents of the action you want for your character, and paste into an action, then perform any style changes for your actions display as you see fit. For non-spellcasters, that's all there is to it! The class-specific actions for all classes has been sorted by class. No further effort is required for non-spellcasters.

For spellcasters, one additional step is required. There's a set of checkboxes on the 3rd page of your sheet (when using a character created from the standard D&D 5E Template Character) in the "Spellcasting Ability" section.

Select your spellcasting ability by checking the appropriate checkbox. Remember to keep your {Lvl} stat up to date when you level up, and you should be good to go!