(Legacy) Updating Existing Characters With The New Sheets

Welcome to the new Character Sheet experience! We've taken all the automation and power of Astral Characters and made it sheet-compatible, meaning you can now apply everything your characters have, from Actions to Stats (previously Attributes) all from the familiarity of a paper-styled sheet.

What happened to all the things I had set up with my character previous to these sheets?

Don't worry, all of your hard work is still there. You can implement this on the sheet itself very quickly. It's as simple as dragging and dropping. But before we get to that, let's upload a sheet.

Uploading A Sheet

Clicking on the "Start with a blank PDF or image" button will open a file navigator. Choose your desired sheet and open it. The sheet will load on the canvas.

To move side to side, left click and drag the sheet. To scroll up or down, use the mouse wheel. To zoom in or out, click on the sheet, hold shift, and scroll with the mousewheel.

Placing Down Text and Character Details

Placing down text, such as names and character details, is done by clicking the "Create Text" option. After you create the text you can adjust it's properties such as font, size, color, etc.

Placing Down Stats

Stats (previously Attributes) can be accessed from the Overview Sidebar. If you don't see your Overview Sidebar, simply click the gear icon on the top right of the sheet and open your Overview.

With your Overview open, click on "Stats", then drag your desired Stats onto your canvas.

You will notice that your Stats are formatted exactly the same as the text you placed down. Astral will remember your previous font settings and apply them to every Sheet object placed after the change, making adding several similar objects easy.

Once you have your Stats set up as you'd like, you can move to Actions.

Placing Actions

Actions act the same as they did in the previous version, but now can be placed on a sheet and be fully functional, clickable objects!

Place your Actions down in the appropriate area, format them to your liking.

The Action Bar

The Action Bar should be familiar to anyone who's ever played a dungeon crawler. The Action Bar sets up your actions in an easy-to-reach UI tool, as well as assigns your actions to Hotkeys!

The Final Product

After you're all set up, you'll have a fully interactive, automated Character Sheet that can be imported into any of your games.

Having trouble writing Stats and Actions? We have a very active community that would love to help! Click here to ask the Community on Discord!