Creating Maps from Tiles in Astral

Creating fast on-the-fly maps from asset packs made of tiles is not new to the VTT world.

Some systems rely on tile types when determining in-game effects, such as "rough terrain" or the like. It's equally important to have speed and flexibility when creating maps for systems such as these.

Lets get introduced to the tiles we'll be using in this tutorial.

The tile assets used in this tutorial were created using assets available to all members of Astral, free of charge. Feel free to produce your own custom tiles for use in your Astral Sessions.

An easy way to set this up in Astral is to use the grid editing menu in combination with Snap-To-Grid for setting up your tiles that will be used later. To start, we will double the size of the grid squares to give us a little extra breathing room.

From there, I bring in my custom made tiles and align them to the grid.

Make sure you have enabled Snap-To-Grid, otherwise you won't be able to get the same amount of speed as you see demonstrated in this tutorial and may have issues lining up your assets. Use the hotkey combination [CTRL + C] and [CTRL + V] to copy/paste assets quickly.

Now that we've got our tiles all set up, I've made copies of ones that might need to face other directions and placed them next to each other. Now I'll start building!

As you can see, we can build a small map fairly quickly using very few actual tiles. If you'd like to add more detail and variety to your map, simply add more tiles as you see fit, or bring your own!

Remember, reach out to us via the Forums or Discord if you have any questions.