Submitting a template for Community Use

What is a Template Character?

Template Characters are characters who have all the necessary automation built into their character sheet for a specific ruleset. These characters contain no personalization or stat attribution, having the standard values for everything to allow players and GMs to quickly build out a character and have the built-in automation take effect.

Where do I start?

Often new template characters start with creating a completely fresh character, then uploading the system's character sheet. From there, you would build out stats and actions where appropriate.

A video tutorial of character template creation is available on our YouTube Channel

Additionally, the Advanced Tutorial provides a lot of guidance regarding building out complex automation in character sheets. Check the maps related to characters for a guided walkthrough of some high-level concepts for character creation.

Okay, I've got my Template Character, now what?

Time to submit your Template Character for review! Before submitting, be sure to check the rules for submitting Template Characters!

Submitting a template character for review is done on the Community Content section of the Forums. Creating a new post and providing the requested information will put your character in for review by Astral Staff.

What can block my submission?

There are periods of time where Astral Staff will not be able to review template submissions. Ususally these are brief periods.

Astral Staff must first obtain direct permission from the publisher before distributing Characters using sheets and rules for a specific system. This process can take time, and often these requests for permission can go unanswered. This can block your submission entirely.

What can I do to help unblock a submission?

Sometimes publishers are more responsive to their own community members. In some cases, community members reaching out to connect publishers to Astral Staff for permission has expedited the process. If you would like to speak with the publisher of a system, please remember that we must receive permission from them directly. They can submit permission to us directly on our Discord Server, or at [email protected] and a staff member will review.

I'm a publisher. Who do I contact to implement system support?

Please email us at [email protected] with your information, your submission, and expressed permission to distribute automated characters using your ruleset and character sheet.