Fix for browser not using the proper Graphics Card

What does this fix?

Is your game running like hot garbage, whereas others are not having these issues? Do you consistently receive poor FPS and site responsiveness in-game and in character sheets? Are you running a beefy rig, but still can't seem to get quality results? We have the fix for you.

What is happening?

We're tracking repeated issues with some community members. The problem is most likely related to either Windows updates, or NVIDIA driver updates, or a combination of the two. At some point, even when Astral has run smoothly for months, people notice a severe drop in quality that happens unexpectedly.

What's happening is a setting is being toggled. This setting controls how your browser handles graphics processing. Ideally, graphics processing would always be done via your primary graphics card. It's been reported that, unexpectedly, Windows or NVIDIA Control Panel (or both) toggle a setting from using your primary graphics card to whatever it determines is best, either dumping the entire process onto your integrated graphics chip or your CPU.

That's awful, how do I fix it?

If you use NVIDIA Control panel, open this now. You'll see something that looks like this:

Each system has a slightly different setup here, so you'll need to find the setting that determines the primary GPU for your browser. Make sure it is assigned to your graphics card.

If you are on Windows 10, try following this flow:

This will force your graphics card to do the work it's supposed to be doing to render Astral.

After you apply the changes, close the settings, go back to Astral and refresh. You should immediately see a drastic improvement.