Astral Video Chat

Astral Video Chat

Astral Video Chat is available to all supporters! Not a supporter yet? Click Here to redeem your benefits!

When a supporter creates a game, they (and all other participants in the game) will see a new icon appear directly under the Chat icon in the upper right hand corner of their screen.

Clicking on this button will start a new Video Chat session. As participants are added, new windows will appear and the Video Chat widget will expand to fit the new participants.

Standard Viewport Controls

The Video Chat widget can be moved anywhere on your screen using the "Drag to Move" control option. "Toggle Direction" changes the display from a horizontal presentation to a vertical presentation.

Optional Settings

Video Chat supports additional settings, such as "Labels toggle" and several standard sizes. You can also mute yourself or players. To mute or stop video on yourself, hover over your Video segment to reveal the controls. To mute others, you can either hover over their video segment, or use the "Mute Players" button.