Keyboard Shortcuts

Astral has different hotkey assignments depending on what tool you are using, your role in the game, etc. Here's a quick reference guide to Astral Hotkeys!

Function Description Key Assignment Site Location
Group Layers Groups selected layers [CTRL + G] Map Editor
Undo Undo last change [CTRL + Z] Map Editor
Redo Last Change Redo last change [CTRL + Y] Map Editor
Add text Add a new text box to the current map [T] Map Editor
Dynamic Lighting Pen Tool Add new Dynamic Lighting points to the map [P] Map Editor
Door Tool Define Doors from current Dynamic Lighting walls [D] Map Editor
Zoom Zooms the view in and out [ + / - ] Map Editor / In-Game
Maps Tab Pulls up the Maps GM Sidebar [M] In-Game (GM Only)
Character's Tab Pulls up the Characters GM Sidebar [C] In-Game (GM Only)
Handouts Tab Pulls up the Handouts GM Sidebar [H] In-Game (GM Only)
Weather & FX Tab Pulls up the Weather/FX GM Sidebar [W] In-Game (GM Only)
Settings Tab Pulls up the Settings GM Sidebar [S] In-Game (GM Only)
Edit Map Toggles in and out of Edit Map mode [E] In-Game (GM Only)
Initiative Tracker Opens the Initiative Tracker Add-On [F] In-Game (GM Only)
TableTop Chat Opens the TableTop Chat Add-On [C] In-Game (GM Only)
Audio Player Opens the Audio Player Add-On [A] In-Game (GM Only)
Pin/Unpin Sidebars Pins / Unpins the sidebars open/closed "[" & "]" Bracket Keys In-Game

Pointer Shortcuts

For those on Desktops and Laptops, the pointer can be used (often in combination with keys) to do many things.

Function Description Key Assignment
Move Camera Click and drag the map to a new position Click + Drag (Mouse Button 1)
Move Character Click and drag a character to a new position Click + Drag on Token (Mouse Button 1)
Select Multiple Characters Create a bounding box to select multiple characters, RTS style Ctrl + Click + Drag
Add/Remove Characters to/from Current Selection Add/remove characters to/from current group of selected characters Ctrl + Single Click (Mouse Button 1)
Activate Ruler Create start point for the ruler on the cursor's current position, measure to new position Shift + Pointer Move
Send Location Create a "Ping" on the map, shows expanding circle to all players Double Click (Mouse Button 1)

Remember, you can always view the list of Shortcuts from in-game by clicking the "Shortcuts" button located on the bottom half of the right-hand sidebar.