The timeline allows you and your players to build your story, even when not actively playing together.

Timeline posts can be customized and crafted using a WYSIWYG editor and can be posted from the perspective of characters in the game.

As a GM, you can post as any character - perhaps your evil villain has something to say or a mysterious note finds its way to your players.

Either way, the timline is a collborative space for and your group to explore.

Posting to Timeline

To post to the timeline, simply click the prompt, "What's on your character's mind?"

A WYSIWYG editor will open.

Many common text editing tools are available. To find out what a particular tool does, simple hover over any of the icons.

You can change text sizes, colors, alignments, and even upload images.

Posting as Character

To post to the timeline as your character, simply click the Post As dropdown and select the character you wish to take the perspective of.

As a GM, you have access to all characters. As a player, you have access to any assigned characters.