Join the Game

The sidebar provides access to the main game interface as well as Add-Ons you can use for your game.


Add-ons are modular tools that connect to the main game session but can be used independently to accommodate different styles of GM'ing.

We'll cover each add-on in-depth in later sections.

GMs and players will see different navigation options. As the GM of a game, you have access to two GM-Only add-ons; Audio Player and Initiative Tracker.

Join the Game →

The main game session. Manage and build battlemaps, organize characters, upload handouts, and more.

Chat →

Open chat in a new window. This is useful for chatting on a mobile device while using the interface on a separate device.

Initiative Tracker →

Open Initiative Tracker in a new window. Track and create initiatives for characters and NPCs.

Audio Player →

Open audio player in a new window. Queue music or ambient sounds for your connected players.

Game & System Information

In addition to the add-on navigation above, the sidebar also provides important information about your campaign such as active Player Characters (PCs) and system information.