Initiative Tracker

The Initiative Tracker

The Initiative Tracker keeps track of turn order, combat participants, round tracking, and initiatives.

When characters are added to combat, they will be shown in the Combat list. After turn order (or Initiative) is added, the list auto-sorts the characters based on turn order. If their turn order changes, the Initiative Tracker can be updated to reflect this with a quick change to the Initiative number.

Adding tokens to combat by selection

There are a couple ways to add a character to Combat, depending on the situation.

The most frequently used method involves selecting all tokens from the in-game experience, then clicking the “Add to Combat” icon on the Character Quick Bar. This method allows for On-The-Fly combat initiation, and is often the most used.

When the Initiative Tracker sets a new turn, the character's Token will hilight red to indicate it is that character's turn. When all characters have taken a turn, the round tracker will increase by 1 round.

Round Tracker

The Initiative Tracker has a round tracker. This round tracker will increment by one when every character has taken a turn, upon landing on the first character's turn.

Changing a character's turn manually will not change their turn order, or increment the round tracker. If you manually assign the first character's turn as active, this will not increment the round tracker, even if all other characters have taken a turn.

The round tracker can be incremented up or down as needed by the GM.