Drawing Tools

In-game Drawing Tools

Astral has drawing tools available for both Players and GMs. These tools can be used for effects, describing planned actions, or drawing maps on-the-fly.

The Brush

Clicking on the "Brush" icon will activate the Drawing tool. At your cursor will be a circle indicating the size and position of the brush. You can draw by clicking and dragging on the map.

The rest of the party will not see what is drawn until the mouse button is released. Each drawing segment is revealed as they are finalized.

Clicking on the icon again will cancel the brush.

Colors and FX

Clicking on the Drawing Tools icon will open a color swatch and brush settings. From here you can increase/decrease brush size, choose brush color, or select from several FX options. FX match the FX options available in Dynamic Lighting and will apply it to the map.

GM Controls

The "Undo" button will undo the entirety of the last segment drawn.

Clicking on the "Players" icon will open a menu to control drawing permissions, as well as clear an individuals drawings completely. Clearing an individual's drawings will remove all drawings from them on the map.

Undo and Clear actions are not reversible. Keep this in mind if you are drawing a map.