The Basics

Tabletop Chat allows players and GMs to chat or emote as characters. If the icon next to the input forms shows your avatar, you are speaking as yourself, Out-of-Character (OOC).

You can also combine multiple rolls within messages, as shown here:

You can also use the dice buttons to quickly build rolls on-the-fly, as seen here:

For more information about rolls and syntax, check out the Dice Rolling section.

Clearing Chat

To clear chat, access the hamburger menu next to the input field, and select the "Clear" option. This action is not undoable!

Private Messaging

Private messaging between players, or from GM to player, is not yet supported. However we do have support for private messaging from players to GMs. There are several ways to accomplish this.

If it's an action on a character sheet, you can right click the action and select "Send to GM" to have it only visible to your GM(s) and yourself.

If you want to send any chat message to a GM, you can use the /gm or /dm chat commands. Starting a message with /dm (for example: /dm hey can I steal the macguffin from player2?) will likewise make that message only visible to you and the GM.