The Character Management Tools

The Manage Characters tool is your at-a-glance view of the Characters in the campaign, both player-created and NPC. It is divided into 3 sections: Party, Current Area, and All Characters.


Party contains the characters that have been assigned to a player. If a token is assigned ownership when in the Character Edit Window it will be considered "In the party."

Current Area

The Current Area section contains all the characters that are currently present on the map you are viewing. Upon changing to a new map, this section will be updated to only show characters on the new map.

While this section is called Current Area, the title of that section will change to reflect the name of the map it's showing characters for.

All Characters

This section shows any characters that are not currently shown in either Current Area or Party.

Creating New Characters

When it’s time to create a new character, you’ll have several options to choose from.

Creating from a collection

If the game system has an available collection of ready-to-play characters, these will be listed here. The collection is based on the system that was chosen on game creation.

You can change your game’s assigned system at any time from the game’s Portal page, under the Settings tab. This can be handy if you’d like to trade out collections between game systems.

Importing from the Vault

Click the “Use a Saved Character” button to import a character from your vault. This will bring up a character selector that will display the characters and folders available for import. By default, the list is filtered by matching system. You can uncheck “Filter by System” to show all characters.

Creating a new character

Clicking on “Create a new character” will create a new, fresh character from the available template for that system. If more than one template exists, the menu will show a dropdown list of available templates to choose from.

If no template exists, this option will create a fresh, blank character with no sheet.