Action Bar

In most tabletop games, the players and the GM control and play as characters. These characters often have actions and abilities that they can perform. Here to streamline this process is the Action Bar.

After you've set up your character's [Actions and Stats(/character/build/stats-actions/)] in-game, the next step is to make them easily accessible and at your fingertips.

The Action Bar stores your Actions and assigns them hotkeys based on numbers between 1-10 by default. The icons, colors, and names are pulled directly from your characters Actions.

When in game, you can either click directly on the Action Bar item to activate it's Action, or you can press the associated hotkey. When this happens, it will send the associated Action into Tabletop Chat (and Initiative Tracker, if making an Initiative or other turn-order related roll) and display the results.

Assigning Actions to the Action Bar

Action Bar slots are assigned through the Character Sheet overlay menu. Dragging Actions from the Overlay onto the appropriate Action Bar slot will assign the hotkey to that Action. Pressing the hotkey in-game will send that Action to chat.

Custom hotkeys can be assigned to each Action, allowing for a large selection of Actions to be at-the-ready during your sessions.

Supporter Features

Supporter users have access to an expandable version of the Action Bar with multiple rows.

For more information about interacting with Character Sheets, check out our documentation on Characters