Absolutely. Astral is free for everyone, and all the features needed to manage and run campaigns will always be free of charge, including Dynamic Lighting and Fog of War. Supporters holding a subscription receive an expansive collection of assets, audio, maps and tokens, better Special FX options, and other quality-of-life improvements.
Yes. Astral works on most tablets, as long as your tablet has a compatible browser installed. Astral works best in "Desktop Mode" on mobile device browsers. Additionally, Astral has several features such as Audio Player, Chat, dice rolls, and a combat tracking widget called the Initiative Tracker that is designed to be used on handheld devices to complement your sessions.
Yes! Astral supports D&D 5E content and offers several features and collections free for all users. Ready-to-play modules for many systems are available for everyone from their homepage, D&D 5E included. Astral also boasts an extensive library of ready-to-play, drag-and-drop pregenerated player characters, as well as an extensive collection of adversaries to streamline encounters during your sessions.
No. While Astral does provide D&D 5E content, it can support any system. Modules are available for sale for many systems, as well as for free in each community member's vault. Character templates and Quick Creature collections are constantly being expanded for a variety of systems. Nearly any game system can be run on Astral.
The Audio Player controls your In-Game audio. You can import sound files to your game and set up a Playlist, control the volume, playback options, etc. The Player can be popped out to a new window, or pulled up on your phone, but it will still only produce audio in your campaign, not on its own. It will also control the audio for anyone connected to the game, but only on the device with which they are connected to the game.
When signed in as the GM of your current game, find the Power Bar on the bottom of your map, then find the Dynamic Lighting section. Click the "Off" option. This will show the entirety of the map to your players and will improve the performance on some computers. This can be especially useful in large maps, such as cities or regional maps where the players' view doesn't need to be restricted.
We're glad you asked! Hop over to the support forums using the feedback buttons on the bottom of your screen. We consider all of the feature requests submitted by the community, and we try to prioritize feature reuqests that receive a lot of community interest.
Hardware Acceleration is a setting in your browser which allows Astral to run properly. Check with your browser's support documentation to find the steps needed to enable Hardware Acceleration.
If you'd like to take part in our Beta Program, email us at [email protected] and let us know! Remember that Beta is used to test new and upcoming features, and as such is potentially less stable than the normal site. We'd be happy to get you all set up if we have openings!
You can develop your games into prepackaged Modules for sale on a OneBookShelf marketplace (such as DriveThruRPG)! Please see https://help.astraltabletop.com/publishers for more information.
Estimating minimum system requirements for Astral is complicated, and mostly has to do with the browser you choose to use. Performance may change depending on browser updates and changes as well as changes to Astral. Because there's many things that can change we cannot accurately estimate minimum system requirements, and any estimate we would provide could become obsolete at any time. The current supported browsers are Chrome and Firefox. We try to ensure the best possible experience on these two browsers as far as functionality and stability. Firefox tends to perform far better than Chrome when using special effects or video assets for your maps. Chrome tends to have less visual glitches surface as a whole. What you choose may depend on what's most important to you, as both browsers have their own benefits and hangups.
We recommend you avoid using Mouse Gesture features such as those found on Opera and Opera GX. Because of the typical mouse behavior on Astral, community members using Mouse Gesture features may lose work due to unexpected behavior, such as window refreshes and "Back" navigations during map editing.