Triggers are preset actions that make changes to your session when activated. This gives you the ability to prep changes beforehand that can all be executed with a single click.

Let's take an example encounter. We're on a starship and a threat is incoming. You'd like to have the internal lights go from green to red to indicate imminent threat. We can handle this with Triggers.


Triggers are created and edited from the Map Editor. Press "E" on the map you'd like to place the Trigger on.

Pressing the Trigger button on the Map Editor Sidebar will create a new Trigger for you to place. After placement, it will appear in the Layers List.

Customizing the Trigger

When the trigger is placed and selected from the Editor Layers List, a button for additional Trigger settings will appear in your sidebar. Clicking on this will bring up additional Trigger settings.

From this interface you can customize your Trigger's color, icon, permissions, and Layer Actions.

Display Options

The color selection will change the color that the Trigger appears on the map. The icon (or lack thereof) will either change or clear the icon that will be displayed in the center of the Trigger on the map.

It's best to have an easy visual identifier for your Triggers as the GM to help differentiate between triggers without having to enter Map Editor or review the Trigger settings.


Permission Result
Only GM Activates Trigger is only visible to the GM, only the GM can interact with it.
Players Prompt GM Players can see and activate, but doing so will prompt the GM for permission.
Anyone Can Activate Anyone can activate without permission, but will receive a confirmation prompt.
GM - No Prompt Trigger is only visible to the GM, activation is instant with no prompt.
Anyone - No Prompt Anyone can activate without permission, activation is instant with no prompt.

Layer Actions

Layer Actions arm the Trigger with a series of changes that will be made to layers on the map. Clicking "Add Layer Action" will prompt you to select a layer. Clicking on the prompt will display a drop-down menu of all of your layers, presented in the same order as the Layers List in the Map Editor sidebar.

In this example, we are setting two actions targeting the layer groups for Red Lights and Green Lights. We are changing the Green Lights layer group to "Hide", and setting the Red Lights layer group to "unhide".

Next we save the changes by clicking "Save Trigger", then exit Editor. Clicking on the Trigger will activate it, implementing all changes simultaneously.

You cannot activate a trigger in Edit Mode. Exit the Map Editor and return to the game to activate your trigger.