Grid Setup and Customization

Astral supports both square and hexagonal grids. This article outlines the grid options available for your maps.

Square Grids

By default, Astral sets your grid to square unless you specifically state this map needs a hex grid during creation in the Vault. Square grids calculate distance based on number of grid spaces travelled when using the measuring tool.

Hex Grids

To select a different grid type, go into Map Settings from the Map Editor, shown here:

Note that you have two options for Hex Grid. Flat top, and Pointy top. After selecting your option and clicking "Update Grid", the hex grid will be applied to the map.

After changing from a square grid to a hex grid, you'll notice that any tokens that were there previously won't be sitting on the grid properly. Simply pick up any maladjusted tokens and drop them back on the grid.

Things to consider

Grids are map-specific, meaning you can have square grid maps and hex-grid maps in the same game if the game has more than one map.

Snap to grid settings apply to both tokens and map assets. To temporarily disable Snap-To-Grid, hold CTRL when trying to place the item.

The hex grid defaults to 70px and measures exactly 70px on the longest edge. Astral allows assets from a variety of different sources, whether that’s from our marketplace or assets you upload directly. Hex grids are therefore complicated to get right for all asset sizes and we try our best to accommodate. For the best experience, use assets that are evenly divisible by your grid size.