Dynamic Lighting

Dynamic Lighting (DL) is a visual effect that portrays a character's "Line of sight". It accounts for walls and obstacle and gives the player the feel of viewing from their character's perspective.

The DL Pen Tool will continue to place down dynamic lighting points, connecting the new point to the previous point. To break the chain, you have to press the [ESC] key once on your keyboard. This will detach the pen tool from the previous chain, allowing you to create a new chain with the next segment.

To clear the Pen Tool from your cursor, you must press the [ESC] key twice. The first breaks the chain, the second clears the pen tool from your cursor.

Snap-To-Grid and DL

When setting up Dynamic Lighting, the Snap-To-Grid setting gets in the way more often than not. It's best to toggle this off when setting up Dynamic Lighting unless your points should line up with the grid.

The Snap-To-Grid setting is used to help line up tokens and assets with the grid. It will snap all assets and tokens to the nearest grid intersection. This can be helpful when setting up large areas, but it's often the best move to shut it off for fine-tuned placement of assets, tokens or DL points.

Creating Walls

Creating walls is done by chaining several points together. Remember to "close" the wall in areas that should be obscured from all angles. When moving to a new wall, press the [ESC] key once. This breaks the Dynamic Lighing chain, allowing you to create a separate wall. This can also be used to create windows or vantage points.

When adding Dynamic Lighting walls to walls that exist on your map, make sure your dynamic lighting has walls visible on both sides of the Dynamic Lighting wall line to prevent the wall from being completely obscured on either side. Having a black box where a wall should be doesn't quite inspire the same feeling of dread as a fully proper dungeon-esque architecture.

Deleting Existing Points and Correcting Mistakes

Dynamic Lighting is designed to be responsive while editing, which paves the way for quick corrections.

To delete points, click on a DL point with your cursor cleared. (Press [ESC] several times to clear your cursor if it is not already clear.) When you've selected the point you need to remove, pres the [DELETE] key or the [BACKSPACE] key. Notice that if the point was part of a chain, the DL point will create a segment with the next available point on that chain until all available points are gone.

If you've placed a point in the wrong spot or you need to move a point, you can do quick On-The-Fly fixes by grabbing and dragging individual points to new locations. This will keep the chain order intact.

After breaking a DL chain, you can resume off of a specific point by selecting the point you want to continue with, then placing more points.

Creating Doors

Creating a door provides an interactive wall that can be enabled or disabled. Walls can be turned into doors with the Door Tool.

Click the Door Tool in the left-handed edit pane, then click on the DL Wall you wish to turn into a door.

Closing Points via Pen Snap

The pen will attempt to "snap" to nearby points when in proximity to existing points on the map. This allows for "closing" of chains or merging of walls.

This behavior can be overridden by holding the [CTRL] key.

While snap-to-grid is on, the cursor will attempt to snap to either the closest grid corner, or the closest point. If snap-to-grid is disabled, the pen will freely move until it reaches the proximity of a point, and will snap to that point.