Using Stats And Checkboxes as Roll Flags

When used together, Stats and Checkboxes can be used as toggleable roll flags.

Let's take a situation: We have a hypothetical game system where if a character is flanking their target, their attack roll has exploding dice for damage. Since this probably happens often, it would be easier to have a checkbox to signal if the character is flanking and the roll requires the Exploding Dice flag.

We will need to make a Stat and a Checkbox to accomodate this situation.

First, let's make the Stat. We'll create a new Stat called "Flanking" and give it a value of

 IsFlanking ? "e" : " "

This will tell it to look for the Checkbox called "IsFlanking", which we will now make.

You must include the space in the second set of quoutes in the Stat example.

Create the Checkbox and call it "IsFlanking". This will be ideally placed near the Character's attacks and abilities in easy reach on the sheet.

Now we will use this in their rolls.

Let's take a sample Action:

|    Attack     |    Roll Results    |
| :-----------: | :----------------: |
| Dagger Strike |  !(3d6{Flanking})  |

You can keep these Actions simple and easily readable by making sure your Stat name of the Stat you are using correctly describes the situation it is applying to. The "Flanking" stat does not need to be visible on the Sheet, so you can remove it from the Sheet if you wish.

Now let's use this Sample Action in-game.

When left unchecked, the roll will result in a normal 3d6 damage roll for our theoretical system. If we check the "IsFlanking" checkbox signaling that our character is poised for a surprise strike, our next roll has exploding dice!

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