Creating Stats & Actions

Character sheets are composed of Stats and Actions.


Stats are your character's Stats, things like strength, dexterity, investigation and more. They can be thought of as this: Stats are what a character "is made of".

Stats are mostly numbers, but you can perform intricate math operations and reference other stats to calculate advanced formulas if needed.

Editing Stats

Stats are always referenced by their Name so you must define a unique one for each Stat. Stats also take a value. As expressed above, Stats can be a number or an Expression.

In this case we are referring to mathematical expressions. This can be made up of numbers, mathematical operators and Character Stats. Think of expressions as mathematical formulae. If you define the Stat as an expression, the Stat will display on the Character Sheet as the result of the expression. If the expression fails to calculate, the result will simply be the expression. If your expression references other stats, you will need to wrap that expression in curly braces like so: {stat}

Stats as Health Bar values

Stats can be inserted into health bars, such as {MaxHP} stat in place of the maximum value for the health bar.

This will set the value to be the value of the stat. Please note at this time these updates only work in one direction. Changing the HP bar to a new value will not update the stat, but updating the stat will update the HP bar, making this ideal for fixed numbers such as MaxHP that likely won't change often.


If Stats are what your character is made of, Actions are what your character can do.

Actions let you execute dice rolls and send custom formatted messages to Chat. Actions support markdown formatting and can reference Character Stats in a number of ways to perform some pretty complicated rolls.

There are countless ways to use Actions for your setting and system.

For information about assigning Actions to the Action Bar, check out the Action Bar documentation here!

Sending to Chat

Actions let you send messages to Chat when in game that other players will instantly see. To execute your action, simply click the action once.

If your TableTop Chat panel is not yet open, it will open automatically for you.

Writing Actions

Astral supports a custom syntax that lets you roll complicated series of dice. Actions support writing with markdown so you can create tables, or big bold fonts, and you can even even link images.

We'll explain this special roll format in a seperate section, rolling dice


Actions are unique in that you can customize the display output on your Sheet. This is useful for when you have an Action such as "Dexterity Check" and you want to display your Dexterity Modifier on the sheet.

The Display tab of the Action Menu accepts the same input as Stats so you can use math operations and reference Stats to display results.

Stats With Special Properties

Some Stats, like the "Name" Stat, have special properties. If we take a look at the Name Stat, it differs from other Stats in that it can't be deleted, and if you update the Character's name on the Info Tab, it also updates the Stat. The Name on the info tab and the Name Stat will always be identical.

The Name Stat is created upon creation of the character and will be at the top of the list when viewing Stats from the Overview sidebar.

In the next section, we'll cover this menu above in detail to see how we can customize the look and feel of our Stats and Actions.

Having trouble writing Stats and Actions? We have a very active community that would love to help! Click here to ask the Community on Discord!