Using the Interface

The Character Sheet Interface

The Sheet has two modes, one for editing and character building, the other for playing. The Sheet will behave differently depending on which mode you have the interface set to.

Interactive Mode

Interactive mode is designed to streamline gameplay, and is likely what the sheet will remain in for most of your gameplay. This mode prioritizes sending Action output to TableTop Chat, adjusting token visual settings, icons, aura, etc.

Interactive Mode Usage

Description Shortcut
Scroll Mousewheel/Drag
Quick Zoom In/Out Double-click (or tap)
Execute stat/action in game chat Single-click (or tap)

Build Mode

Build mode is designed to streamline character building. This mode prioritizes editing the Sheet, adding Actions/Stats/Text/Checkboxes, moving existing Sheet elements, previewing Action output, configuring Action appearance, setting up the Action Bar, and much more.

When in Build Mode, clicking on the name of an Action or Stat in the side panel will take your view to that Action or Stat and open the editing menu.

Changes to the Sheet or character when in Build Mode are saved upon exiting Build Mode.

Build Mode Usage

Description Shortcut
Edit Stat/Action Double-click (or tap)
Move stat/action (when selected) Click/Tap & Drag, Arrow Keys, Shift + Arrow Keys
Copy stat/action (when selected) Ctrl + c
Paste stat/action Ctrl + v

Create Stat

Create Stats for your character. More information on Stats is provided in the Stats page here.

Create Actions

Create Actions that your character can perform. More information on Actions is provided in the Actions page here.

Create Checkbox

Checkboxes are on/off switches you can use to control logic in Stats/Actions or can be used to simply display an interactive checkbox on the Sheet. Visit the Checkoxes Article for more information.

Create Text

Not everything about your character needs to be a stat. Text is useful for long written sections such as a character description.


Show an overview of the current pages of your sheet. Here you can add more pages, remove pages, or replace pages while preserving the Stats and Actions and their locations on the Sheet.

Additional Management Settings

Clicking on the "Gear" icon will reveal additional settings for managing your character.

For information about assigning Actions to the Action Bar, check out the Action Bar documentation here!