Below are some of the most common ways to use Stats and Actions.

This section is meant to serve as a source of inspriation when looking to perform intricate rolls and calculations. These examples do not cover all supported cases or all systems but it should provide you with some of the common ways people are using Astral.

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Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition


Name Value
dex 12
dex_mod floor(({dex}-10) / 2)


Actions send messages to chat and can be configured to render text on the character sheet.

In the first example below, we use {dex_mod} as the action's Display Name so the character sheet renders the actual dexterity modifier. Clicking the modifier will send the "Dexterity Save" action and associated message to chat.

Name Message Display Name
Dexterity Save !(1d20+{dex_mod}) {dex_mod}
Magic Missile Attack: !(1d20)
Damage: !(3d4+3)
Magic Missile

Tables can be used to display information and rolls in a useful and organized manner. Combnined with delayed rolls, this can make versatile Actions that are useful for several different situations.

| Tables are useful  | Here is a thing |
| :----------------: | :-------------: |
|       Attack       |   !!(1d20+1)    |
| Attack (Advantage) |  !!(1d20adv+1)  |
|       Damage       |    !!(1d6+1)    |
|        Crit        |   Add !!(1d6)   |

Skill Checks w/ Difficulty Levels

Some systems have tiers of difficulty when performing Actions as a Character. This is another example where Tables shine. The following example performs a series of delayed rolls that the player can then select from to reveal the roll results.

| Skill Check |         Persuasion          |
| :---------: | :-------------------------: |
|   Normal    |   !!(1d100<={persuasion})   |
|    Hard     | !!(1d100<={persuasion / 2}) |
|   Extreme   | !!(1d100<={persuasion / 5}) |

Custom Dice Faces

Custom dice faces can be rolled by creating an "array" of desired potential results.

!(1d[1, 1, 2, word, ?]) will roll a 5 sided die, which can land on any of those options. If the die lands on word, that will be the result of the roll. Dice do not have to have a number to display roll results.

An extreme example of this would be the following roll that simulates a single draw from a deck of cards:

| Cards |                                               |
| ----- | --------------------------------------------- |
| Suit  | !(1d[ ♠, ♥, ♦, ♣])                            |
| Face  | !(1d[A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K]) |

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