Subscription Status, And How It Affects Your Party

Do you have a subscription but aren't sure how it affects games you run, or games you play in?

First and foremost, thank you. Truly, from the bottom of our hearts. Your support matters, and you are helping Astral become a better platform, and the Astral community better as a whole.

How a subscription affects games you own

As a GM, your subscription unlocks things not only for you, but for your players.

Firstly, let's talk about the obvious. As a subscriber, you are able to provide them with games comprised of all the Mythic Portal assets to help with immersion. You are also able to utilize all the Weather, Visual FX, and Dynamic Lighting for their enjoyment.

What's less obvious is what it unlocks for players, specifically. Regardless of your suscription status, if you are in a game owned by a GM who is a Supporter, all players will receive expanded action bar slots (twice as many), allowing them to keep more of their frequently used actions on hand.

When a subscriber creates a game, they and the entire party will have access to Astral's Video Chat.

How a subscription affects games you have been invited to

As a player, your subscription status acts differently.

As a player with a subscription in a game run by a GM on a free account, your GM will not have access to any Supporter features or assets. They will not see anything different from what they normally see, even when inspecting your character token.

A player with a Supporter subscription will have the expanded action bar slots. This is not shared with any of the other players or the GM, and will only be visible to the player with the subscription. You will still be able to enjoy the expanded Action Bar slots, but only you will receive this benefit.