Software Conflict Troubleshooting

Software that can disrupt Astral

Some software, such as browser extensions or network tools, have been known to cause issues with the site. These issues can range from connectivity problems to the site failing to load entirely or showing a grey screen.

Network and Security Tools

Some network and security tools, such as pop-up protection, anti-malware, or VPN software solutions are known to have compatibility issues with Astral.

If you are having difficulty with Astral features not opening when clicked, or breaking things out into new windows, this is a likely culprit. Try adding Astral to the software's whitelist, or try disabling such software one at a time to find the issue.

Browser Extensions

Browser Extensions have been known to cause issues when displaying the site. Some extensions can cause Astral to exhibit unusual behavior or have a silent failure causing grey screens.

If you're having such issues, try opening an Incognito window or a private window and trying to access the site. If you are able to do so from such a browser window, try going back to your normal browser and disabling the extensions one at a time to find the extension that's causing issues.

  • Software known to cause issues:
    • Mallbery: Smart Cash Back Shopping Assistant

If you find the culprit, please let us know! We want to keep track of extensions that cause issues across the site. Email us at [email protected] with the names of extensions that cause issues.

If Astral is behaving unexpectedly, don't hesitate to submit a bug report. Even if it's due to 3rd party software, we want to track any and all issues.