Replacing Sheet Pages Without Removing Contents

If you are using a custom sheet or running a system that has character sheets similar to an existing template, you may want to replace a Sheet with a new PDF or image rather than deleting the Sheet and uploading a new one.

Deleting a Sheet will also remove all contents such as Actions and Stats. These can still be referenced later but will no longer appear on the Sheet.

To replace a Sheet image while preserving the placement of the existing Stats and Actions, enter Build Mode on the character window, then click on "Pages" in the upper bar. From there, hover over the page you'd like replaced and select "Replace."

Select the preferred sheet, then open to upload. Depending on the size of the image as well as how different the sheet was from the original template, some things may be out of alignment.

As you can see, this sheet was uploaded with most everything lining up well but needing some minor aligning after the fact to get everything in place.

Replacing with a PDF that contains 1 page will replace the first available page, unless you select the replace option on an individual page itself. If you choose a PDF containing more than one page, it will replace the amount of pages contained in the PDF.

A simpler way of putting this is as follows. If you Character's Sheet has 4 pages, and you choose to replace it with a PDF containing 3 pages, it will replace the first 3 pages of your Character's sheet with the new PDF pages. The 4th page will be left as-is.

If there are fewer pages in the Character's Sheet than in the PDF, it will add the extra PDF pages to the end with no contents, while keeping the contents for the Character's Sheet pages intact.