Player View: Previewing as a Player

Every GM that uses a VTT knows how important it is to know what your players will see. This is especially true for anyone who uses advanced options, such as interactive map componenets or automation like Dynamic Lighting, Doors and Triggers.

To the rescue comes the "Player View" mode. This tool allows you to view the map from the Player's perspective.

To enter Player View mode, click on a token. If you don't yet have a token on your map, create one using the Characters Sidebar[C]. At the top of your screen you'll notice additional options available in a menu on the top of your screen.

Select the "Open Player View" option from the QuickBar Menu on the top of your screen.

When in Player View, you will see everything as a player, including the User Interface. This means that you will not have access to the GM interface or the GM tools. You will be able to access those again after leaving Player View.

When in Player View, you will only see things that a Player would normally be able to see. If you've set up map automation via Triggers that are only interactible by a GM, then these triggers will disappear when in Player View, as will hidden Characters.

Things that a player would normally be able to see but not interact with, such as Doors when the "Players can interact" setting is disabled, will be visible, but you will not be able to click on them.

Player View is a very simple concept, but is extremely useful for a GM wanting to give their campaign map a "dry run". This is an important step of reviewing your hard work to make sure the player's experience will be just as you envisioned.

At any point, you can return to the GM view by opening the Player Menu by clicking the Player Avatar at the bottom left-hand side of your screen. There you will see a "Return to GM View" option. This option is only visible to GMs.