Using Markdown in Astral

Markdown is a markup language used to style content. You probably already know some markdown -- many services use basic implementations like **bold** and _underline_ to emphasize text. Under each table of examples are text examples that you can copy and paste.

Markdown Syntax

On Astral, you can use Markdown to help organize and style your Character Notes and add flair to your chat messages and Actions! You can create sections in your notes by separating them with titles or horizontal lines, create bullet-point lists of loot or tasks, and more!

Text Options

Astral supports all of the basic text options for markdown.

Text Result
Examples of Text Syntax Examples of rendered Text

This text is **bold**

This text is _italic_

This text is ~~crossed out~~

This text is `code/monospaced`

This is a [link](

Header Options

Astral supports all of the header options for h1...h5. h1 and h2 (Level 1 and 2 Headers) will have a bottom border denoting a new section or subsection. Note that text with --- or === directly below it also gets rendered as Level 1 Header, as shown in the example.

Text Result
Examples of Header Syntax Examples of rendered Headers

# Header 1

Header 1 Alternative
=== (Or ---)

## Header 2

### Header 3

#### Header 4

##### Header 5

Horizontal Lines (Dividers)

You can add arbitrary dividers to your notes or chat messages with three consecutive dashes, underlines, or asterisks. Note that if you use ---, you need to leave a blank line before it so that it does not turn into a header.

Text Result
Examples of Divider Syntax Examples of rendered Dividers



Also divider


Another Divider


Monospaced (Code) Blocks & Quotes

Make certain text visually stand out by putting them in a code or quote blocks. Quotes can also be nested within each other using multiple >'s

Text Result
Examples of Code Syntax Examples of rendered Code
Examples of Quote Syntax Examples of rendered Quotes

> Near the caves, there's a hermit who will tell you:
>> "I don't know anything about that"
> Don't believe him! He lies!

Fighting off goblins
can be very difficult
but mandatory.


You can make numbered or bulleted lists by using numbers or asterisks as bullet points. Lists will be indented to separate them from the normal text flow. Numbered lists must be preceded by an empty line or they will be interpreted as plain text.

Text Result
Examples of Unordered List Examples of rendered Unordered List
Examples of Ordered List Examples of rendered Ordered List

Note: Ordered Lists can begin with any number. Markdown will convert it to a properly numbered list. If you need to have a number and a period at the beginning of a line, for example 28\. March, you need to put a backslash before the period, as shown.

1. Add newt and fairy dust to pot
2. Bring to a boil
3. Quaff

* Unknown location
* Unknown timeframe
* This murder might be hard to solve

You can also nest bulleted lists to make sub-points. These nested items will have a hollow circle instead of a solid circle.

Text Result
Examples of Nested Unordered List Examples of rendered Nested Unordered List

* Big head
* Small hands
  * (Because he's a T-Rex)


Use tables to show charts or layout content. You can control the text alignment with colons within the header separators. You can usually find the | (Pipe) character above your Enter key on the keyboard (It's usually Shift + \). If you don't have access to that key, you can copy and paste the examples below.

Text Result
Example of Table Example of rendered Table
Example of Aligned Table Example of rendered Aligned Table

| Name | Occupation |
| --- | --- |
| Bob | Restaurant Owner |
| Fry | Head Delivery Boy |
| Gorgak | The Destroyer |

Notice that the length of each "column" doesn't need to match.

| Item | Price |
| :--- | ---: |
| Health Potion | $20 |
| Hacked Flashdrive | $200 |
| Excalibur | $999,999 |

You can also center your text by using two colons at either end of the header separator.

| Center | Aligned |
| :---: | :---: |
| Center align | By using two colons |


You can now share images inline in your notes or chat messages. It's similar to the hyperlink syntax, except the brackets need an exclamation mark before them.

Text Result
Example of Image Example of rendered Image

![Text if image fails to load](