Supported Files

As you build out your maps, you may need to upload your own files to supplement those already on your account. Once uploaded, these files will be available to use across the site, including the Map-Editor, Audio Player, and on Character Sheets and tokens.

The following filetypes are accepted and can be uploaded for use across the site:

  • jpeg, jpg, png, webp, mp4, webm, gif, mp3, wav, ogg

Video files are automatically converted to webm format. If you experience any issues with uploaded videos it may be helpful to convert your video file to webm before uploading.

Some site services can only use certain filetypes.

  • Audio Player can only utilize mp3, wav, and ogg filetypes. Assets not of these filetypes will not be displayed in the Audio Player search bar.
  • Character Tokens can only utilize jpg, jpeg, png, webp, webm, mp4, and gif formats. Character Sheets allow jpg, jpeg, png, and PDF to be used for the sheet.
  • Handouts are the only tool that currently accepts PDF, but can accept all other filetypes as well.