Beta Testing

Beta Team

The Beta Team is a group of volunteers who have opted-in to beta test upcoming features. These brave adventurers go through early-access testing to ensure the stability and quality of our newest features meet the standards of the community.

What's involved?

Beta testing involves getting early access to new features and trying them out. These features are likely incomplete, may contain bugs and poor design choices, or may not have the polish that would be expected of a fully fledged feature.

Beta Team members frequently work with Astral Staff to find issues, recommend change, discuss pain points, and otherwise provide feedback. The Astral development team then iterates on that feedback to provide a more refined end-result.

Members of Beta Team are expected to submit bug reports as soon as bugs present themselves. We collect important metadata and timestamps each time a bug report is submitted. This helps the team quickly track down issues, assists in troubleshooting and a rapid resolution.

Additional resources are provided to aid Beta Testers in their mission. Discussion in Discord is encouraged but not required, and we provide exclusive Discord channels specifically for Beta Team to discuss improvements with Astral Staff. We can't fulfill all requests, but your feedback and reports help us fine-tune each feature before release.

What are the risks?

When you are accepted into the Beta Program, you are given access to the Beta Environment, which is where you can review the features being tested.

Beta testing uses the same account as the normal site. Changes made in Beta can affect your active sessions.

When using the Beta Environment, you can permanently alter the state of existing games. This presents a very real danger to your games. If you make changes to your game in Beta that are incompatible with the Production Environment (non-beta), your game could become irretrievable or otherwise corrupt when returning to the main site.

That being said, we go through great lengths to ensure this never happens. To date, Astral Staff has not caused an issue in Beta that we couldn't fix. The possibility remains, and you should consider this before making changes to any active campaign while in the Beta environment.

What if I want to run my campaign in the Beta Environment?

Eager to use these features in your campaigns? If you and your party accept the risks, we do encourage you to test Beta Features in real-world session test drives. When doing so, there are some important considerations!

  • If running active sessions on Beta, all party members and the GM must be in Beta at the same time. If some party members are using the main site while others are on Beta, there can be unforseen consequences and bugs that are not related to the features being tested.

  • Inform your party of the risks involved with Beta, and what's currently being tested. They should be aware that the Beta environment can be potentially disruptive, and that they have the option to switch to the main site at any time.

  • Inform Astral Staff that you'd like to bring your party in. We'll grant each party member access. They can also participate in Discord discussion. Party member's perspectives are just as important to us as GM perspective.

  • If things get a little too disruptive in Beta, you and your party can switch back over to the main site to continue without beta features. If you decide to switch to the main site, everyone attending should switch to the main site together to prevent dimensional rifts.

What can I do to help?

If you're interested in joining the Beta team, please email us at [email protected] with the subject "Beta Team Application", and we'll follow up with you.